Whether you are planning to have children or you already have them and you must be thinking what will happen to them if you go out for work. And in these days, both the spouses work to make a living. So, you need to hire a nanny or enroll your children in a daycare where you will know that your children will be safe and sound. The question which leaves parents scratching their heads is which one is better. Well, you can stop doing that now if you are reading this article right now. No, we are not recommending that which one is better but we will tell you the aspects of both and it will be your call to decide which one is the best for your children.

First you need to know what are the effects of choosing the daycare option. Daycare usually enroll children who are at the age of 2 or 3. At the daycare centers, they just babysit your kid, like making sure that have a good meal, a nap, and play safe. There are daycare centers who enroll the children of ages from 4 to 5 and besides babysitting, they also offer different learning programs like; basic ABC, counting from 1 to 10, recognizing animals names and sounds, learning basic manners etc. This can also be called a pre-kindergarten school. These daycare centers bring out the creativity in your kid and they become more expressive by learning things around other children as well. Daycare centers are expensive and can cost up to 2500 AED per month. 

Now you need to understand the effectiveness of hiring a nanny. There are many benefits of hiring a nanny instead of rendering the services of a daycare. First of all, nannies can give time your and only your child. Whereas, the daycare centers have many children and who knows your kid might not be getting that enough attention. Nannies don’t have a strict timing policy or they don’t have many papers which you need to sign or show your insurance. Nannies are less expensive and if you get a nanny from an agency, you won’t have to worry about the security. This is because nanny providing agencies provide complete insurance and security of your baby. 

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