For some nannies and babysitters are an exemplar. They save your day and manage the day at the same time. But don’t they do the same thing then why have different names? Nanny is a professional person who has a degree and different certifications whereas babysitter can be your neighbor or your relative. You can say that babysitter is on level 1 and a nanny is on level 10. Nannies have an actual job whereas a babysitter get this job on chance. You can also say that nannies are the babysitters who work extra or long hours for the sake of baby, the family and the money of course. Nannies can work all day whereas babysitters just stay and watch around for a couple of hours. 

Nannies have a reputation that whoever doesn’t finds a job becomes a nanny but this statement goes out for babysitters instead. Nannies are of good and years of experience whereas, babysitters have no experience and they just work to make extra money. Nannies work as nannies full-time and even have international experience too. Nannies are paid a huge amount because they don’t just watch over your kid, they make sure that your kid gets a good meal and proper sleep some nannies even give small lessons like basic manners or read them stories or good moral.

People have a concept that anyone can become a nanny but it is not that easy. Some nannies have bilingual and trilingual languages certificate which they use it to give different language lessons to the children. Some nannies have degrees in nutrition which will benefit in your kid in having delicious and creative meals. Some nannies also have safety and health degrees which will benefit your kid is staying safe and fit. So, do all these things qualify for a babysitter? No, they don’t! And the next time you want to hire a nanny, make it look professional and show some respect towards their profession. 

Some people think that nannies don’t work hard, but the fact is that they have the nannies have the most difficult job on the planet. Most children are never comfortable with a nanny and the nanny has to make sure that the children get along with them and both have good understanding with each other.

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Hiring a nanny v/s daycare

December 31, 2019