If one is planning their trip to one of the most fabulous cities in the world and wondering which platter will prove to be scrumptious for them? Well, they do not need to worry because an amalgamation of appetizing Iranian, succulent Lebanese and flavorsome Arabic food, the rich and mouthwatering Dubai cuisine will surely leave an individual urge for more. It does not matter whether one is a food lover or not, one just cannot take their hands off the finger-licking flavors which Dubai has to offer.

These restaurants in Dubai have been offering exceptional authentic food from many years. Due to their rich flavors tourists from all around the world have been visiting them every now and then.

Some of the most extraordinary restaurants in Dubai which makes an individual’s stomach growl due to hunger have been listed down below.

Wave House

One of the most stupendous restaurants Wave House has been able to win the hearts of its customers by offering rich and delightful food. Due to this reason this restaurant has been attracting a wide range of tourists every year. While people are waiting for their food they can enjoy bowling because this eatery has a wonderful bowling array. It also has a special kids area were your little champs can play and have fun. It is one of the best places where you can enjoy with your friends and even family members.

Indonesian: Betawi

A lot of Indonesian people have been visiting this place because it offers the best mouthwatering Indonesian food. Individuals enjoy eating the fish dumplings and salads which are offered at this restaurant’s main course. But one should be careful before they order any dish because they do have spicy food too. This restaurant is also loved by many Indonesian and locals of Dubai. As the food is affordable for all so Betawi is a crowded place.

Vietnamese: Hanoi Naturally

This eatery is situated in an “expat area” and one we surely see a variety of Europeans in this place. A few people who belong to Vietnamese and reside in Dubai likely go to this restaurant and they claim that this eatery offers the same food as made in their home. Hanoi Naturally has an extensive menu with a number of Pho which is commonly known as a noodle soup. Some of these soups are prepared with chicken broth and they are known to be the most authentic ones. So, people do enjoy eating their favorite noodle soup here.

The Loft

This restaurant has recently opened up at “Dubai Opera” and it has replaced “Sean Connolly”. It is located on the rooftop so one can easily see the stunning Burj Khalifa from this place. It has attracted a wide range of customers because of its promising and unique “gastronomical adventure”. It is also well-known among people because The Loft has been holding Dubai’s mesmerizing caviar brunch.

These are one of the best eateries that one should opt for when they visit the beautiful city of Dubai.