There are many companies that provide kitchen furniture in Dubai; you just have to find the best one for your kitchen recreation. These companies have the mission to make you r house look more beautiful and also with giving you little to no tension. They will provide each and everything that your kitchen need. The only thing you will do is that you will provide them your ideas about your new kitchen. Ones they get the idea and your requirement then they will do the rest with your minimum input. They will not ask you for each and everything before making any change till the change needs something to break. If they are changing the look in a way where they have to break a part of your kitchen’s wall or a window or a slab or shelf then they will ask you about it.

They will first make a digital or handmade blue print for your kitchen. Then they ask for your consent. If you are satisfied with the design then you can give your consent otherwise you can ask them for the changes you need. You have to be very clear in this phase because ones you give your consent even if you do not like the design then you will not be able to do anything about it. You have to take the kitchen as it is for next few years. So it is very important that you make the decisions very carefully without the pressure of anyone. If you think that the workers are pressurizing you about giving the consent on their design so you can go to their manager or the main owner. You can complaint about the behavior of their workers. 

You are spending your money and above that you own this kitchen and no one has the right to impose their decisions over you. If they do not agree to you then you can change the company and hire another one. After renovation you can further make your kitchen beautiful by buying decorative lighting Dubai. These will give a new look to your kitchen and you will shoe case this to your friends and relatives when they visit your place. They will also provide a good background for the pictures of food and you.