If you’re planning to apply for immigration to Canada from Oman, you need to consider a few factors before moving to Canada.

Canada offers several benefits to the skilled Immigrants and a wide variety of options to the students and entrepreneurs so they can become permanent residents in Canada and live a good lifestyle.

Whether it’s about learning the procedures of immigration Quebec, Canada or any other city in Canada, you need to know what Canada offers to its immigrants.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 7 things Immigrants need to know about Canada to help people understand about the process.

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1. Skilled Program

You can apply for express entry program for skilled workers or other programs to work and live in Canada permanently. The country offers many resources to the new immigrants and provides all the support to them at the initial process of the application.

2. Health care Support

Canada has one of the largest health care support systems to help the citizens of Canada live a comfortable life. Although, not everything is available for free, however, a lot of health care services are provided for free to the people.

3. Work Opportunities

Many people don’t know this but you don’t need to have a job before moving to Canada. You can easily apply for a good after moving to the country. However, it’s important to have a good amount of points since the immigration system follows a points-based system.

4. Diversity

You’ll be surprised to see and meet people from diverse backgrounds because Canada celebrates diversity and appreciates multiculturalism. Therefore, many new immigrants find it easy to live and work after moving to the country.

5. Weather Conditions

The summers are usually hot while the winters are surprisingly colder for the immigrants. You’ll get to experience transitional seasons while living in Canada from snowy winters to hot summers.

6. Open Culture

The people in Canada enjoy the open culture and respect people from all the different backgrounds. They value the opinion of other people and that’s why they prefer keeping a down to earth attitude. The tipping culture enables the workers to earn a good wage and you’ll get accustomed to it easily.

7. Driving Licenses

If you’re a new immigrant, you might have to go through the whole testing process since Canada has its own procedures and laws to obtain a valid driving license.